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Literally ANYTHING that comes with assembly instructions.

  • Publicado em 13 Mai 2021
  • Old Spice NightPanther protects against odor with its ridiculously long-lasting scent, so you can Smell Ready for Anything.
    Find your scent at oldspice.com/nightpanther-deo... or at retailers nationwide.
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    Oddwin - 19

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  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    No cap, that was easily one of the best Old Spice commercials I've seen, even better than some of their official ones

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Anos atrás +6

    We need more commercials from Caleb

  • 23Ice
    23Ice  +6

    This video can also be titled, "The practice quiz vs the real test"

  • Kevin Shin

    Kids these days, thinking they can magically build a chair without having to label every individual feather on a bluejay...

  • Oskars Pirtnieks

    If Caleb did all of the commercials on BRclip, I wouldn't skip them 😂

  • Just a guy with no mustache

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate how creative and talented Caleb is

  • Solitarus Lupus
    Solitarus Lupus Anos atrás +3

    Let’s take a second and appreciate that this man gave us 2 quality videos in one

  • That Guy Games
    That Guy Games Anos atrás +3


  • BlaQNYC Vids
    BlaQNYC Vids Anos atrás +787

    Caleb is so good at making himself seem like different characters that my first thought was "Why wont your friend just help you make the chair? Kinda insensitive"

  • pogiter
    pogiter  +626

    "And it gives me powers"

  • Pablo Pena
    Pablo Pena Anos atrás +976

    “To YOU” LMFAOOOO his delivery is on another level

  • Ardeact
    Ardeact  +473

    The stand is only to hold the paper, chair sold separately

  • Jarxiel
    Jarxiel Anos atrás +8


  • Artsy Fartsy

    Interviewer: Hey so what’s your superpower?

  • Monkey
    Monkey  +30

    Can we all respect that he took his time to make a whole instruction paper for just a video. Great job dude

  • RB Fyller
    RB Fyller  +396

    I think "Reach inside." is the creepiest sentence

  • Jay Coop
    Jay Coop  +139

    I like how Caleb does skits for his sponsors. It makes it worth watching.

  • TheScruffinator

    I fucking love the one page that just says "Understand the"

  • Sourcy
    Sourcy Anos atrás +21

    Bruh why does the thumbnail make Caleb look like he's glitching out of the Matrix

  • EricBlackmonGuitar

    I have to say it again. This man is a comedic GENIUS.