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Super human interview

  • Publicado em 19 Ago 2018
  • If super humans had to apply for hero jobs, but all of their powers are trash.

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  • John Li
    John Li 3 anos atrás +13

    Ok but heres the thing, by immediately firing all of those bug power dudes, you have essentially laid the groundwork for a truly terrifying supervillain group consisting of bug people

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Literally anyone: "I can summon-"

  • Matthew Murray
    Matthew Murray Anos atrás +7

    The invisible guy just needed to be trained how to backflip effectively and he'd honestly be good

  • TheElevenFirst

    I mean the invisibility guys power wasn’t that bad like they could just teach him how to do backflips or put padding on his head.

  • Sir. MipMop

    "i can summon spid-"

  • Gustavo Sifuentes

    “To death even… IF I WILLED IT”

  • Yoichi -
    Yoichi - 2 anos atrás +37

    I like how confident the cat guy was with his powers

  • Musbub
    Musbub  +4

    him rejecting all these people is making them villains lmao

  • i really hate jam

    He said “

  • Griffy
    Griffy  +236

    I love how in the first one the interviewer is so much more patient and in the second video he’s so done with everyone. Caleb really follows through with these engaging storylines.

  • LessThanNothing

    "I can bring anyone back to life."

  • Rice Maker
    Rice Maker  +373

    That dude who can summon cats is being under appreciated

  • Subtotal Aljar
    Subtotal Aljar 3 anos atrás +39

    Weird how he lives in a city filled with only clones of himself.

  • Sevn
    Sevn  +2

    Turns out the invisibility guy doesn’t actually need to flip but is only capable of turning invisible as a fight or flight reaction and so the sudden pain causes it to activate.

  • Brow Ming
    Brow Ming Anos atrás +1

    Here's some names for these characters and what they end up being (villain or hero)

  • Stephanie Cox
    Stephanie Cox 14 dias atrás +15

    Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo.

  • Benster
    Benster Anos atrás +1

    Imagine all the rejected applicants banded together and formed a league of villains? Would be cool to see that as a sequel to this series. Caleb bro please make this a thing 😀

  • Tristan M
    Tristan M  +102

    That timeloop shit was gold! "I do have a trash memory though!", lol

  • Nat Tompkins
    Nat Tompkins Anos atrás +5

    I like how the last guy that he ignored actually had an insane ability

  • Demlight
    Demlight  +522