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How stupid heavy doors make you look.

  • Publicado em 8 Mar 2022

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  • bien tamayo

    "Sir, it's a push"

  • Ashley Seymour

    When he started flying I started to cry

  • authoreyes
    authoreyes  +275

    "Sir, we're closed."

  • Mike Danger

    When you stand there for a minute, wondering if it's locked.

  • Vendaxel

    And then people around you always say

  • Nakiami
    Nakiami  +1

    I swear everybody be watching when this happens😭

  • Oska
    Oska  +9

    the absolute humiliation when someone else just Opens it

  • Waiknz
    Waiknz  +159

    "Ight imma stay in"

  • Geobot 3000

    I just came up with a great idea for a video. How about "when you drop your pen and it somehow ends up on the other side of the room"

  • Near Darkroad

    Interviewer Caleb: "So, what's your superpower?"

  • Umut aktürk

    When the door is heavy that I feel like it’s locked, walk away, then look back to see someone else open it.

  • Chase H
    Chase H  +33

    "Look at my Yeezys"

  • YinMajora

    Oh nah if a door is heavy then I dont need to be wherever it leads. Ive played enough video games to know that if a door isnt letting you through then youre not high enough level to enter that area.

  • DBZD
    DBZD  +51

    Damn it if this didn’t make me laugh out loud 😂

  • toasteroven

    When ever I need to push a door open at my school I have to use my whole body it's so embarrassing 😅

  • Austin Bale

    sign: “push”.

  • Penguioon

    Door really be needing to see how low you go while bending back

  • Pitpun
    Pitpun  +19

    In those moments I low-key get homicidal fr.

  • Jon5than

    Admit it, you just made the video to flex with your yeezys, am I right? 😂

  • Aerelya
    Aerelya  +24

    Demons on the other side be like "Hehe, you can't come in here."