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People that think the manager can change everything.

  • Publicado em 14 Jul 2018
  • People that think a manager can change reality itself

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  • Vision
    Vision 3 anos atrás +55

    100% accurate.

  • Ashley Cordero

    True Story: I used to work at a college bookstore and I had someone ask for the manager. The regional manager happened to be in the store, so he came out to see what the problem was. The person didn’t like the answer my regional manager gave him and the person asked, “can I speak to the manager above you.” He told them “well I’m the regional manager, the only person above me would be the CEO.” And the customer responds “then can I speak to the CEO?” He didn’t end up speaking to the CEO lol 😂

  • Psychie
    Psychie Anos atrás +10

    "Hi, welcome to store store."

  • Metalmachine18

    Ill always remember at my first retail job I had a very unruly customer who was causing a fuss with me and asked to see the store manager, it just so happened our area manager was in that day too so this customer managed to convince the store manager to get the big boss involved. I was standing there expecting him to get very political and businessy. He just came down the stairs, looked the guy dead in the eye and said, 'this is private property, these are the rules we've set. If you don't like it, fuck off.' And I will never forget that customers dumbfounded look as he turned around and walked away.

  • Rezaur Rahman

    "Hold on hold on hold on hold on i don't know what your talking about, but you sound like all you need is a receipt". Straight on point without even knowing whats going on

  • Laurent Archambault

    As a manager, I most often side with my employees and back their judgment calls (unless they've actually made a mistake). One time, this lady responded to me saying that I'm just saying exactly what my employee had just told her and I said" Well sure. Did you think I spent 17+ hours of my life training this person to give them the wrong information just so they have to call me to give you a fucking favor!?"

  • AHarice
    AHarice 2 anos atrás +26

    This ain't even a joke people really behave like this

  • Evil_Dude

    One of the best feelings ever when your manager tells them EXACTLY what you just told them. Vindicating and takes the stress out of personally dealing with the situation.

  • Jose Sales
    Jose Sales Anos atrás +9

    UN: Do you have a receipt?

  • Orangeninja5000

    As someone who works as Target, I wish my management had as high standards as the managers in this skit. People will quite literally pick items off shelves, and go down to "return" them, and because Target is so scared of being sued, management just does it.

  • Nevada
    Nevada Anos atrás +2

    As the representative of the US in the United Nations, I can confirm that you need a receipt to retrieve your money.

  • blockmasterscott

    OH MY GOD. I worked in retail for years, and I can tell you from experience, that this video is 100% TRUE! Dumb customers demanding to see the manager come in all skin colors, young and old, and both genders. If there was ever a case of true equality, it's stupid customers.

  • Jakob Gåre
    Jakob Gåre Anos atrás +28

    Jokes aside though, that's some seriously good customer service

  • Intentional Disaster
    Intentional Disaster Anos atrás +2

    I love dealing with people like this. As a manager in retail myself, I give them a hard no and refuse to budge. I don't care how upset they get or if they decide to give us a bad survey, my boss would be more upset if I gave them free money for a stolen item.

  • Cachet Phillips
    Cachet Phillips Anos atrás +2

    "It sound like all you need is a receipt " SENT ME 💀😭😂😂

  • Saadi Arsalan


  • hehesake
    hehesake Anos atrás +3

    Plot Twist: The President of the United States was easier to contact than the President of the Company. So that was actually a relief for the district manager.

  • Saasan
    Saasan  +117

    True story from when my husband was a floor manager at Hastings: one time someone came in with four unopened copies of the same movie, no receipt, had paid in cash and "forget" they already had these and so wanted to return them. He said no. Why not?! "Because I think you're a thief." Guy is super offended and says "You think I'm a liar?" "Yes, and a thief. I'm marking your account so you will not be able to purchase with us in the future." He left.

  • BK201
    BK201 2 anos atrás +51

    A moment of silence for everyone working in retail, it’s a brutal industry.

  • urkindacyoot
    urkindacyoot Anos atrás +882

    I always feel so awkward standing there when the manager is explaining the exact same thing I did.