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Games where the world stops during dialogue.

  • Publicado em 7 Jul 2018
  • Those games where everything, but the main characters, pauses for dialogue, even the person talking.
    George Jonathan - Puppy Love

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  • Dargonhuman
    Dargonhuman Anos atrás +47

    I love how all of these start off accurate af then just degenerate into an insane nightmare world where nothing makes sense.

  • Matt Kong
    Matt Kong Anos atrás +35

    The head bobbing is so accurate it’s unbelievable

  • Veas
    Veas Anos atrás +10

    Plot twist: the driver was so mad after being ignored that he pretended to be a npc

  • Quinton
    Quinton Anos atrás +4

    “All them numbers”

  • Razzrazz90
    Razzrazz90 2 anos atrás +31

    I’ve been sitting here for an hour trying to figure out how he’s bobbing his head so smooth.

  • Landon Glaxey
    Landon Glaxey Anos atrás +1

    Imagine people around him wondering why he is randomly speaking to nobody in the car and having a breakdown

  • Seven Aries
    Seven Aries Anos atrás +8

    The guy in the passenger seat is like that experienced player who's played the game before and is dragging you along

  • Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson Anos atrás +14

    This guy doesnt need a crew.. he is the whole crew

  • Trashdragon
    Trashdragon Anos atrás +16

    Therapist: grinning Caleb isn’t real, he can’t hurt you.

  • I love memes
    I love memes Anos atrás +589

    The Npcs you can interact with are stronger than anything else in the game, they stop time until you answer them.

  • Yllza Thaci
    Yllza Thaci 2 anos atrás +5

    his head moving plus the face at

  • aiden blunt
    aiden blunt Anos atrás +2

    Didn't know we playing an EA title

  • sadgirlcali
    sadgirlcali 3 anos atrás +16

    “Answer with even more information” 💀💀💀

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    "So what's your social security number?"

  • Reginald Uy
    Reginald Uy 2 anos atrás +3

    I would've actually paid to see where this story was going

  • Bxrry
    Bxrry  +73

    The head bob 😂😂😂

  • nour aitxx
    nour aitxx 2 anos atrás +3

    The people who saw him record this outside must’ve thought he was crazy. Especially because he recorded it multiple times with multiple outfits.

  • Zachary Beste
    Zachary Beste Anos atrás +77

    the ability this guy has to simulate video game body language is insane

  • Sean H
    Sean H 3 anos atrás +104

    That head Bob is so true lol probably the funniest part

  • Dr. Deadpool
    Dr. Deadpool 2 anos atrás +9

    Me an intellectual: