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How the main character "develops" in 90% of shows.

  • Publicado em 28 Ago 2021
  • "This usually takes a contrary, but with this special training you're gonna do it in 3 days"
    Oddwin - 19
    Tidiane - Melodic

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  • NicolasG
    NicolasG  +12

    True protagonists learn the ultimate technique in the middle of their final battle, moments away from death.

  • Diran Jirū

    To be fair, if the student killed the master, that’d be an interesting development for the main character, as if to imply he learned it so fast he never learned how to control it properly.

  • GamesuarX

    And then there's AOT, where characters go through 3 years of intense training only to get brutally killed and eaten 3 minutes into the first battle.

  • Leafgreen 25

    Actually the idea of a protagonist accidentally killing their mentor during training has a lot of potential.

  • Chukwuemeka Nzerem

    villain: trains for years to master his powers and is op.

  • bugman bugman

    for me, seeing a teenager surpass old champions that have dedicated most of their lives to something is actually kind of hard to watch.

  • Shanky Panky

    I just noticed that Caleb has better Rag Doll physics than nearly all games. He never dies in the same position.

  • Dashing Steel

    Nothing feels worse than being a wise magical martial arts trainer that did his job for years than to see a novice do it all without even trying in 8 minutes.

  • D A R K R O A S T

    Ok but can we talk about Calebs acting skills in them 10 seconds when he drank the potion 👌

  • Daniel Shaw

    It genuinely astounds me how so many writers can not only get away with absolute dogshit writing, but earn a shit ton of money and be praised for it. This isn't even just an anime thing, this also applies to comic books, movies, shows and even video games.

  • RusticGiraffe42

    “You’ll explode, AND THEN die!” That tickled me way more than it should have 😂

  • Michael Moone

    Lol i feel like this most accurately applies to Kung Fu Panda. Literally every movie Shifu tells Po that it takes years to master whatever thing Po is tryna learn (Kung Fu, Inner Peace, Chi) and then because of his trauma or whatever he masters it in a matter of days

  • tuv
    tuv  +8

    “why is this not the first choice?” 💀

  • Wolfman0706

    He should make a video about how every single anime battle they go even further beyond their “limit”

  • Firefly 593

    Tsunade: Ha! He won’t learn the Rasengan in such a short time! It’s gonna take him years-

  • Phrog
    Phrog  +101

    Every shounen ever:

  • Catherine Young

    I love that the beard actually floats above his face as he talks. Brilliant.

  • Edii VG
    Edii VG  +50

    This actually happened in Fairy Tail. A bunch of wizards were left to train for 7 years while the MCs were all out of commission. They came back and some magic time lady and she essentially powered up their bodies as if they'd been training for 7 years. It took like an hour of "extreme pain" but that's it

  • Funfetti Phantom

    As soon as I heard “come at me w/ full intent to kill” I was waiting for the clothes hitting the wall thing to happen and I was not disappointed. It’s like my favorite gag.

  • Luke Raagas

    I love how he emphasizee the "THEN YOU DIE" part, like you'll experience the sensation of blowing up a million pieces first before biting the dust.