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When the homie choking on something, but its fire.

  • Publicado em 6 Jan 2018
  • When you was bouta save the homie from choking, but then you heard that beat.
    Oddwin - soundcloud.com/oddwin/coughin...

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  • Alex
    Alex  +19

    you know the beat is good when someone dedicates their lives to it

  • arinze nweze

    4 years on and still killing it with the beat

  • Coolphantom06

    Ok lets be real

  • unknown
    unknown  +1

    I was definitely not expecting that when he started dancing I spit out my water from laughing so hard😂😂

  • 020 626
    020 626  +2

    Caleb needs to drop a dance tutorial because he’s on🔥🔥

  • Alex B.
    Alex B.  +227

    This is so freaking hilarious 😂

  • Yashva
    Yashva Anos atrás +19

    I love how he lovingly brings him back for the beats.

  • problematic aries ♡

    This video literally lives rent free in my damn head.

  • ironmanzelda15

    Caleb's face at

  • Polarshoe
    Polarshoe  +151

    Bro it's been months and this shit still got me laughing.

  • StraightFace

    The fact that he actually laughed while eating something is proof that this guy risks himself to entertain us

  • Fabienne VDK

    Beat made by DJ Artichoke: putting art and choke together like no other 😎

  • Davis Designs
    Davis Designs Anos atrás +32

    At the funeral: "He was a good man...but the beat was even better"

  • Chelle Will

    3 years! And this is STILL top 3 funniest Calebcity skits for me. 😂😂

  • D A R K R O A S T

    "Where words fail, music speaks"

  • Shenna Myricks

    I occasionally come back to watch this bc it's low key fire 😂

  • Ribobley
    Ribobley  +602

    Don’t you hate it when your choking and your homie makes a sick beat out of it

  • Rex
    Rex  +43

    Fake Freinds: Save your life

  • R.B Middleton
    R.B Middleton 2 anos atrás +15

    Im gonna be honest...idk how this got on my feed but in the past few days I've been watching this dude and laughing like crazy!! Mad props

  • Keanxn
    Keanxn  +263