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RPG Game Logic

  • Publicado em 22 Jun 2020
  • Going to a weapon shop in an RPG game.
    King Kaiyo - melodic
    Oddwin - 19

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  • Kenneth Lam
    Kenneth Lam Anos atrás +18

    Bruh that merchant bout to see him quick save.

  • Flame of Mage

    The slight swaying is the most accurate thing. That's the one thing I will never forget about RPGs.

  • Minari
    Minari Anos atrás +2

    Plot twist: He can't unsheathe his sword because he's inside a shop.

  • Rubhen925
    Rubhen925  +944

    Lmao this man didn't look at the level prerequisite before buying. Half the time I make that mistake too!

  • Scrittus
    Scrittus Anos atrás +861

    You forgot when he tries to steal an item and the merchant suddenly becomes the most unbeatable boss in the entire game.

  • Stalin-In-Disguise?

    "Are you injured"

  • Alter AMV
    Alter AMV Anos atrás +4

    “It looks so equippedable” never felt anything on a higher level

  • Dan Basford

    RPG logic: "You just turned 12 years old. Now you and only you, can save the world. You can, however, hire mature companions with years of experience and who are much stronger than you. But...we all still depend on YOU...because you are 12 AND your father who was an epic hero and died on the day you were born, failed. Also, here is 5 gold pieces and a stick. GOOD LUCK!!".

  • Jaden J.
    Jaden J.  +614

    “It looked so equip-table” that line had me crying 😂😂😂😂

  • Steven He

    Master arvacado.

  • Sepehr Mirghasemi

    should've been a scene after that that he tries to sell the sword back to the merchant and he says I'll buy it for 5000

  • MochizukiChiyome

    PlotTwist: The shop owner is already max level since he is able to unsheathe all the weapons and show it to the customer

  • Oletram Ekaf
    Oletram Ekaf Anos atrás +20

    He needs level 18 to equip that sword.

  • Kevin The Maverick

    This man even made sure to do the small constant swaying NPCs do when they are waiting for you to select an option. Master.

  • CinnamonToastBunch

    I love how he says 800k red gems is all he got, yet he somehow doesn't decide to just buy the entire low lvl counter, alongside the sword...

  • Chloe Donatien


  • Lord Dragonskin

    Shopkeep: "You're not high enough level. Go grind with that broken dagger."

  • X-ler
    X-ler  +182

    Plot twist: he cannot take out the sword because he is still in the store.

  • Sargon88
    Sargon88 Anos atrás +9

    Can we just acknowledge that the merchant is a higher level than the protagonist for being able to unsheathe the sword very easily.

  • Kenper
    Kenper  +145

    You see, the boxing gloves are best for damage, but the screwdriver gives +2 speed. For the most optimized weapon, the slipper is the best bet. It deals good damage, and doesn’t affect speed. It is this most optimized weapon for people.