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How the LOW LEVEL quests be in RPG games.

  • Publicado em 25 Out 2021
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  • Ice Wing

    those 3 randoms deserve a sequel where they actually fulfill the mission in some bizarre way

  • Shwoop • 11 years ago

    He plays these small side characters so well I didn't even realize they were just 3 of him

  • enzoTHEferrari

    The only RPG that does low level quests properly is Runescape:

  • Feranard
    Feranard  +846

    When you said “rabbits”, I thought they were the “Killer Rabbits” from Monty Python but in hindsight, I realized that the bounty would be 100x the amount stated if that was the case.

  • Austin J. Bailey

    "I can't go... I have to abandon them"

  • JR Animation

    Imagine Caleb's neighbors just hear him yelling "We will leave a trail of bunny tears in our wake"

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    This is exactly why you don't skip important dialogue in these games

  • Destiny F. Fugglefert

    As a DM. He literally was making Performance, Deception and Persasion checks through this skit. I'm surprise the amount of patience the worker had everytime he kept asking for a different quest.😂😂

  • 3KBS Channel


  • AygianAlt
    AygianAlt  +129

    The way he convinced those other 3 Guys, I am sure he put all his points into Charisma...

  • Kyra 197
    Kyra 197  +369

    Quests in first town really be like "Kill a few Lv1 goblins, don't even mess with the leader" and then immediately "Kill two overly buffed minotaurs at the same time"

  • Indigo
    Indigo  +109

    These random nameless characters were portrayed so well I actually want him to continue this story.

  • Lud5
    Lud5  +8

    he should've just done the main quest where he needs to talk to the elder. it gives 5000 coins and 10k exp.

  • Regulator
    Regulator  +683

    Literally any RPG as a low level: “Kill (insert absurdly high number) to receive: 5 coin” then you just do that forever until you level up to a certain point or get better weapons/armor.

  • Matthew Wright

    Reminds me of how most of these "pacifist" sidequests actually involve a considerable degree of violence.

  • Fabian Negrete

    Can we appreciate how smooth the editing is for there to be three of him in one shot and it looks like other people participated to do this.

  • SuperAJ1996


  • Abarai Renji

    I love how everyone is dressed in character and then you get Caleb with his turned around cap 😂😂

  • Douglas Stewart

    Caleb: "I have to

  • Dagogo Uranta

    It looks like he drew those pictures himself, that is strangely endearing