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When you ACTUALLY answer a 'Scam Likely' call

  • Publicado em 29 Fev 2020
  • I actually yelled at a scam caller to stop before and they just hung up 😠...then they called later
    Oddwin - 19

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  • Celo :D
    Celo :D 2 anos atrás +36

    I love how almost all of Caleb's characters are some of the most dangerous people on the planet

  • John Smith
    John Smith Anos atrás +7

    man went from "it's my job." to laughing manically proclaiming he chooses death. Now that's some company loyalty.

  • anvahvn
    anvahvn Anos atrás +9


  • Broken Memories
    Broken Memories Anos atrás +3

    "Yeah my power is I can teleport to anyone"

  • Dariel Cruz Hdez
    Dariel Cruz Hdez Anos atrás +9

    i wouldn't mind a whole movie about this.. only if Caleb plays them all.

  • Fleurgy McHeurgy
    Fleurgy McHeurgy Anos atrás +1

    the "I choose DEATH" moment had me honestly more scared

  • Mr FlabbyNipps
    Mr FlabbyNipps 2 anos atrás +7

    Imagine being his neighbor and all you hear is

  • B.Singh
    B.Singh Anos atrás +5

    The random conversation about Ice Cream's density is such a specific but accurate example of what the boys talk about lol

  • Luckiskewl
    Luckiskewl Anos atrás +9

    whats more messed up is the fact he left his friends mid game.

  • Justa Nuff
    Justa Nuff Anos atrás +856

    imagine if Caleb actually had a twin brother this whole time hahhaha

  • Laughatme Pls
    Laughatme Pls Anos atrás +2

    I was dying of laughter when he chose death 😂 😂 😂

  • Toutons
    Toutons  +279

    When he says "I CHOOSE DEATH" and goes off on him about there being a never ending supply of scanners I died

  • torinkyifh
    torinkyifh 2 anos atrás +12

    "Just take my number off the list"

  • Niki Leonard
    Niki Leonard Anos atrás +2

    2020 to everyone: “Contrary to me gripping your neck against this wall, I’m really patient right now.”

  • ChupaCabra
    ChupaCabra Anos atrás +3

    Imagine his neighbors when he screamed "LIFE OR DEATH?!"

  • Thai Lamb
    Thai Lamb  +452

    I love how bro is like casually talking bout milk/cheese/ice cream with his friends

  • milk Official
    milk Official Anos atrás +1

    The way Caleb says golf is pure gold and just look at his face when he says it, pure comedy

  • DA MotoNeko

    I WISH this happens! The idea of people being so done with scam callers that they gain the power of instant transmission is so therapeutic on my spirit.

  • MysticEle
    MysticEle 2 anos atrás +3

    "We will never stop calling!"

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson 2 anos atrás +3