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Whenever theres ACTUALLY a good dad in ANY show/movie.

  • Publicado em 22 Nov 2021
  • I call it every time.
    19 - Oddwin
    Melodic - Tidiane

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  • Bryan Naing

    I salute the son. He wishes to carry on his family legacy, his lineage, but he aspires to go beyond, he wants to farm on the MOUHN and VEENIS, but he still wants to farm. I respect that.

  • Bored Bagel

    "I wanna farm tomatoes on the MEWWWNNNNNNN"

  • EgoJCs21
    EgoJCs21  +11

    This is actually a villain backstory, as the son's dream will eventually be crushed we he learns that he cannot, in fact, grow tomatoes on Venus.

  • Dargonhuman

    This is why I had so much anxiety for Miles Morales' dad in Into the Spiderverse - he wasn't just a good, loving and supportive dad, he was a good, loving and supportive dad in a super hero origin story. I think the only thing that save his life was being in a Sony movie and not a Disney/Marvel movie as his fate would have been sealed as surely as if he'd been one day from retirement.

  • The Drizzle 404

    Every time a character has both parents and they're both full of love, I'm like here comes a big ol' dose of death.

  • Christopher Martlin

    Adding a fake mustache for his dad character when he already has one is priceless man

  • MasterMo

    i love how caleb convinced his own dad to play in his skit

  • Blackhan

    "I'm wanna farm tomatoes on the MUUUUNNN"

  • RainPie
    RainPie  +1

    They always killing the good dads off straight after giving us a wholesome moment.

  • 444shley

    “I wanna farm tomatoes on the MUUUUN, on VEYNIS”

  • Jacob Dietz

    I saw Dune last weekend, (spoilers) and was literally shocked that the father was so cool with the son not taking over, because when are there good dads in movies these days. And then I realized, “oh, he’s going to die”. This video’s hilarious.

  • Alexander Ackerman

    As someone solely raised by my father, I was always disappointed to see how many dads in shows were either dead, evil, or nonexistent especially compared to the amount of good mothers.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Every good dad in these shows always has that signature mustache.

  • Comment Douchery

    I keep forgetting that you're probably just talking to yourself when you do these videos, but you're so perfectly convincing in your delivery. 10/10 acting, man.

  • Siris_R
    Siris_R  +1

    Caleb: "you thought what happened at

  • Andie Jay
    Andie Jay  +341

    I actually liked when Cliff Huxtable told his son - “that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!” when the boy was trying to guilt him into lowering his expectations of him.

  • Sean Steo
    Sean Steo  +415

    "You could never disappoint me, son" on repeat forever

  • Jorge Carbajal


  • TrueGawd

    On the “mOOn,” on “Venus” 🤣

  • Raiki
    Raiki  +313

    The way all these actors are able to work together is phenomenal!