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Super Human Interview 2

  • Publicado em 7 Jan 2019
  • If super humans had to apply for jobs, but they were trash too
    eevee - house of memories
    oddwin - 8.16.18

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  • JMan
    JMan Anos atrás +2

    Now that we've all seen this 5 times I think we can all agree it's time for a part three.

  • dogyluva

    Everyone talking bout how the instant clothes guy is actually op cuz of armor, bro ignore the armor, he can walk into an entire firing squad hosing him down and he just absorbs and puts on the bullets and makes bullet armor, he literally can't die from guns and missile or knives, in fact he could put on knives on his wrists and assassin creed it, or get a bunch of knives and become a living spiky porky pine of steel.

  • ErrorTheNoob

    "I can breath underwater infinitely."

  • Kurogaea Monari

    Just realized how useful the last guys power is. He can literally turn anything to clothes. He can disarm a guy just by tapping his gun and making it a wristband he can shoot, or even in extreme circumstances make a mountain a giant top hat for cover.

  • Gedo Cowboy

    Actually the changing clothes fast powers is kind of useful. Like if he needed to infiltrate a facility and needed to slip into the enemies uniform fast to blend in.

  • ghetto Hokage
    ghetto Hokage 21 dia atrás +20

    The voice cracks kills me every time 😂

  • Brian Cannon
    Brian Cannon 2 anos atrás +23

    Caleb: So what's your power?

  • RogueRaven
    RogueRaven  +814

    Caleb needs to turn this into a series already. Find the perfect team, take down villains, then of course there will be the arc where the hero’s are captured and all of the people who were turned down will join forces to save them

  • Brendan Blanks

    Actually, the clothing one is quite handy. He'd make an excellent infiltrator; he could get into a place and instantly put on a disguise. Trying to make a quick get away? touch a few clothes on a rack and turn 180 and walk right out; noone would ever know. He'd be GREAT for collecting intel for the heavy hitters.

  • jokechu
    jokechu  +160

    Okay Jokes aside, the guy who can auto-equip things on himself seems so broken if you can keep giving him things to use

  • Bxrry
    Bxrry  +4

    These videos are classics

  • MeNo Pillion


  • KK Shi
    KK Shi 2 anos atrás +31

    Every time the door opens, im scared that the time loop guy will enter

  • DeathTowel Productions

    "I can control the element of heat!"

  • Mickerd
    Mickerd  +759

    "Get out the room! Get out the room!

  • Jacob Young

    I like how his stress levels are dynamic, like the more superhumans come in the more stressed he becomes throughout the day. Really cool.

  • Garrett The Ferret

    “ I can summon swords from my arms”

  • Benjamin Lore

    imagine if he interviewed a werewolf

  • Jam-rock Rider
    Jam-rock Rider 2 anos atrás +35

    Plot twist: the guy that can read his own mind can actually read everyone’s mind. Because it’s Caleb City. He is Caleb. Everyone in the city is Caleb. That’s why he’s confused.

  • Kurayami Hikari

    The time warp is good though. He can just stand in the sidelines and be a support unit. When something's bad about to happen, he time warps everyone and stops moving. And then his teammates will have another shot at beating the enemy