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I walked into the wrong restaurant.

  • Publicado em 16 Set 2018
  • When you walk into the wrong restaurant and the prices are mad high, but you already sat down so you don't want to just leave and look stupid.
    Feat. Lenarr - brclip.com/channel/UCrA2...
    Dancin all jolly like - TEK.LUN

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  • gamig
    gamig Anos atrás +36

    His acting so good I'm almost convinced that the server was another person

  • ProtoMario
    ProtoMario Anos atrás +6

    I legit was in a spa once that wanted to charge $140 for a garden Salad that was less than what a $4.99 Salad at Walmart, NO LIE.

  • Jamar
    Jamar Anos atrás +5

    The way the waiter knew it was 600 dollars and still was talking about some "I can fit atleast 15 on a tray" what a villian.

  • Kashaun Morris
    Kashaun Morris Anos atrás +15

    He clearly wasn’t listening when the waiter made it clear the Steak was THE LEAST expensive item

  • mario
    mario 2 anos atrás +3

    it’s 100x funnier when you know that the water here in Egypt is legit so bad lol

  • ryan kd
    ryan kd Anos atrás +3

    Card declines

  • Victor Cabrera
    Victor Cabrera 2 anos atrás +20

    The fact that he was gonna bring 15 more waters on a tray knowing damn well they're $100 a glass 😂😂

  • _ black _
    _ black _ Anos atrás +9

    I was confused when he started giving him glasses of water instead of refilling them as soon as he takes a sip

  • Galiaverse
    Galiaverse Anos atrás +14

    (drinks water)

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    No cap expensive restaurants be charging you for water refills nowadays

  • ZURG
    ZURG 2 anos atrás +991

    I like how he tried to arrange the cups in a way to somehow disperse the reality he was currently facing

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Anos atrás +2

    "What's your power?"

  • PKSparkxx DatHottneSS
    PKSparkxx DatHottneSS 3 anos atrás +10

    That pit in your stomach when your friends wanna go out to eat, you see the prices and they're ordering the filet mignon while you're getting the chicken tenders and 3 glasses of water...

  • TurdFurgeson571
    TurdFurgeson571 Anos atrás +3

    "I'd like to returns these."

  • Giga Jerk
    Giga Jerk  +88

    I love that they always start off with a normal relatable premise like "going to a place you didn't expect to be so expensive" and then suddenly it just derails and becomes batshit insane

  • Don Rekter
    Don Rekter Anos atrás +571

    he legit undrank the water lmfao

  • Trapt Inseid
    Trapt Inseid 2 anos atrás +4

    When you realise that he gave him a glass of Egyptian water with the appetizer so even if he didn't get another glass he'd pay 108$.

  • Quirky Black Enby
    Quirky Black Enby Anos atrás +958

    The server is wrong for not asking specifically what kinda water he wanted

  • Mert Seremet
    Mert Seremet 2 anos atrás +39

    How he gonna finally get another human for his skits, and then STILL not show em in the same shot?

  • Alex Coulter
    Alex Coulter Anos atrás +4

    Bruh said “You don drank all six of dem thangs.” That killed me 😂