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Barbers that just ignore what you ask for.

  • Publicado em 2 Dez 2021

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  • go49ersGabe

    Then the awkward “Ooh, it looks good, thank you”

  • The King of Antarctica

    "Yeah, can I just get a trim?"

  • Braxton Templar

    “Just a tiny bit off the top”

  • Tramel Middlebrook

    When he started swinging the clippers by the cord😭😭😭

  • Admiral Ackbar

    My whole 16 years of existence, my dad is my barber. And this hits too close to home.

  • JJH
    JJH  +322

    “Alright, how do you want your hair”

  • Zackeroni 9

    "Yeah, just dye it brown."

  • KidGamer 101

    The "stay still" is what makes this relatable to me

  • Maya MiMi
    Maya MiMi  +489

    Caleb: "Just a TINY bit off the top"

  • The Noble

    I’d like it bald

  • Nites Dawn
    Nites Dawn  +267

    I can hear another Caleb in the back of my head acting like a bystander “yooo! He taking off his whole head! The top of his head’s gone! That’s messed. Uuup! Bro come on! Why you do him like that bro?” Or something like that.

  • SSRiles
    SSRiles  +22

    “Just a little off the top”

  • Schedule

    I’m so glad he’s posting his old vines, these hit diff 💀😹

  • Ayrat Khalikov

    Telling your barber that you actually don't like the haircut is one of the toughest things in the world.

  • Ridlay
    Ridlay  +306

    I like how my man starts wielding it like a nunchuck and swings it from the cord.

  • Darkeum
    Darkeum  +8

    My man isn't just messing up the cut he is literally assaulting the customer.

  • Bahamut Zero

    "Just a little off the sides, please don't touch my bangs"

  • Yu Ishigami

    "Oh I missed up, we have to go bald."

  • Felix Larios

    One time the barber messed up my hair so bad I almost went bald

  • c b
    c b  +18

    Barber: Oh, did I get you?