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How the Sith will send EVERYBODY before they fight for themselves.

  • Publicado em 6 Mai 2022
  • Literally sending minions.
    19 - Oddwin

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  • Púca Miscellaneous
    Púca Miscellaneous Dia atrás +14

    Why is it so easy to forget they’re all played by the same person? It genuinely feels like it’s a group of friends doing a skit together

  • Xavier
    Xavier Dia atrás +3


  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Ain't no way a Stormtrooper is remotely even close to being this accurate at shooting at a target

  • Xavier
    Xavier Dia atrás +6

    For everyone who's wondering how Caleb pulled off that Force Pull effect at

  • wolve Krome
    wolve Krome Dia atrás +934

    Can we give this man a Oscar for this scene

  • Potato Patato
    Potato Patato Dia atrás +507

    Y'know, it never occurred to me that while SOME stormtroopers are certainly vicious shock troops, a lot more are basically just security guards or beat cops working 9-5.

  • Patrick
    Patrick Dia atrás +12

    That force pull on the lightsaber was clean af

  • NHV Railroader
    NHV Railroader Dia atrás +534

    The "force draw" of his lightsaber at

  • Tristan Cummings
    Tristan Cummings Dia atrás +285

    "You gon fight him, or your gon fight me cuz I'm staying in this room." Why is that unironically such a hard line? 😂😂

  • Beau Chance
    Beau Chance Dia atrás +414

    Props on straight up MASTERING that 'Use the force to pull my lightsaber to my hand even though it's on my waist and therefore just as easy to grab normally' effect. You totally nailed it.

  • MadiTheTroll1337
    MadiTheTroll1337 Dia atrás +32

    "you really are testing me"

  • M3
    M3 Dia atrás +141

    Stormtrooper: “YoU’RE ScaReD…. YOu’Re TerRIfIEd”

  • SXR123
    SXR123 Dia atrás +3

    Damn I wanted to see him spare the trooper

  • Carolina_Reaperx
    Carolina_Reaperx 9 horas atrás +14

    I am unbelievably happy to see Caleb doing so well, sittin pretty at 4.5 million subscribers and growing, and I am so happy to be a part of this community

  • Average Awesome
    Average Awesome Dia atrás +161


  • Pyros Nine
    Pyros Nine Dia atrás +147

    Having played Jedi: Fallen Order, I can completely say "Oh, to have the confidence and self-importance of a white armored stormtrooper."

  • C.C
    C.C 19 horas atrás +13

    😂😂😂 It's actually smart to have their underlyings weaken the enemy before they engage. Plus with the risk of being betrayed, they could be betrayed if they are weakened after a fight while their men are at full strength.

  • Sohappy
    Sohappy Dia atrás +19

    “You will do as I say!” The delivery of this line was just gold 😂

  • Moses MM
    Moses MM Dia atrás +6

    Every Stormtrooper in any Star Wars game would get what this guy is talking about. Like, why? Why keep sending them to try to kill the dude with the laser sword whose already killed like 1000 of them?

  • Heroson
    Heroson Dia atrás +87

    The Sith are all about the Rule of 2 until they just don’t want to be and suddenly there’s Inquisitors, 4-Armed Cyborgs, and secret apprentices to fight before they do